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Traditional Thai Yoga  30/60/90/120 min 

$60/$95/$135/$165  Book Now

Thai Yoga, or Thai Massage, is practiced with a combination of ancient healing techniques. This massage concentrates on the recipient’s energy lines and pressure points.  It is performed in combination with stretching movements on a mat placed on the floor. We provide loose, comfortable clothing for our clients so that our practitioners are able to leverage their body weight for stretching out and applying pressure to the recipient’s body.

Thai Yoga will help to improve your body’s circulation, increase your energy flow, your flexibility, and help relieve tension and pain in the muscle. You will leave your session feeling a restored sense of energy and relaxed. 

Thai Herbal Massage  90/120 min

$165/$195  Book Now                 

The Thai Herbal Massage is a magnificent Thai Massage combined with the use of the Thai Herbal Compress Ball. Our Thai Herbal Compress Balls are custom made and are imported straight from Thailand. For use in the massage, the Herbal Ball will be steamed and then applied to your body while you are receiving your Thai massage. During treatment, its’ aroma will help to soothe your senses, letting you experience a deeper relaxation. After treatment, you will find yourself enjoying the feeling of renewed energy. It is the ideal treatment to help muscle pain, sore joints, inflammation, and circulation.

Our herbal compress’ contain Lemongrass, Cassumanar, Turmeric, Kaffir Lime, Zodoary, Galangal, Tamarind, Menthol, and Camphor.

Healing Stone Massage 60/90/120 min

$115/$155/$185  Book Now 

Hand-chosen Basalt stones, naturally shaped and polished from the ocean’s waves, are specially assessed and sorted for use on each unique part of your body. Our stones are then heated generously to be incorporated into your Stone Massage. Penetrating heat from the warmed stones, combined with the use of our smooth lotions, will unwind sore muscles, tension, stiff joints, and all stress. The Healing Stone Massage is the combination of Swedish Massage techniques and the incorporation of muscle-relaxing heated stones. This duo is sure to create an unforgettable, thoroughly relaxing experience for your enjoyment.

Signature Combo Massage 60/90 min

$125/$170  Book Now 

The Signature Combo Massage is a combination of Swedish Massage and Thai Massage. During your Swedish Massage treatment, you will be able to enjoy the use of our aromatherapy oils and lotion. Thai Massage is then evenly incorporated into your massage by the acknowledgement of your pressure points and the application of deeper pressure. The Signature Combo Massage is performed on our customized massage table. Unwind and relax with this perfect massage combo.

East West Massage 30/60/90/120 min.

$60/$95/$135/$165  Book Now

The East West Massage is a blend of both East and Western massage technique. This treatment includes a stretching-compression technique , long flowing strokes, and medium pressure. The East West Massage is great for helping to alleviate pain and to relieve any stress or tension. This massage is performed on a massage table; our clients are then draped in clean linen for the massage.

Deep Tissue Massage 30/60/90 min.

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If you would like deeper pressure, you can opt for our Deep Tissue Massage. It provides long-flowing strokes with the use of deeper pressure. Deep Tissue Massages are great for relieving chronic muscle tension and working on stressed muscles for relief. For massages 60 minute or more, it will be an additional $5 per session.

East West Herbal Massage 60/90/120 min.

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If you would like to add the Thai Herbal Compress Balls to your East West Massage, it will be an additional $24.00 per session. (For more information on our Thai Compress Balls, please read info on Thai Massage/Thai Herbal.)

Thai Foot Reflexology 30/60/90 min.

$55/$90/$120  Book Now

Thai Foot Reflexology is an ancient, healing art concentrating primarily on the feet and lower legs. Foot Reflexology focuses on the pressure points associated with the body’s internal organs. This massage is performed by applying pressure to the reflex points on the feet. We incorporate the Thai Reflexology Stick into the massage, as well as herbal lotions. This treatment provides you with both a relaxing and exhilarating experience. 

Thai foot Reflexology is a must for soothing pain, releasing blocked energy, improving circulation, the lymphatic system, and helps to stimulate internal organs.


Chair Massage 15/30 min.

$25/$50 Call (703) 437-6035 to Book

A Chair Massage is a fast and convenient option to alleviate the stress in your upper body and back. It is the perfect quick-fix for those who’re on-the-go and can’t find the time to indulge in a longer massage.


Add On Massage Services

Aromatherapy Oil with Foot Reflexology              $5 Extra 

Aromatherapy Oil with East West Massage           $5 Extra

East West Massage with Herbal Compress            $24 Extra 

We also offer Couple's Massage                             $10 Extra Now at no Extra Charge


Gift Certificates are available

Find out for yourself what everyone is raving about, don’t delay, schedule your massage today!!!!!  Your mind, body, and soul will thank you.

What people are saying about THH.....  

" I had tried many places many massages, none of those can really loosen up my tension unlike Thai Massage that I received at Thai Healing House. I'm happy that I found this place. “: -Debbie K. Herndon VA 

“Although I don’t usually spend a lot of money on myself, I can’t live without my Thai Massage from the Thai Healing House.  It is absolutely the best massage for relieving all of my stress from the job as well as the aches and pains from working out at the gym, I swear I’m completely pain and stress-free for days after receiving my massage.”  John M. Fairfax VA

“ Wow…that was a great massage. I feel really good. Can I take you home with me? So I can get this every day.” Anne M. Centreville VA 

“ That was an awesome massage. You won’t believe me this is the best gift that I ever received for father’s day. Man…I just realized what I was missing after all this years”. Tony S. Reston VA  

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